jum jadi kawan,,,

Saturday, February 6, 2010

ke 'busy' an,,,

hye semua,,,
dalam ke 'busy' an aku still sempat nak post something,,,
too many assignments that I should settle and submit next week,,,
luckily all the assignments are group assignment,,,
only one for individual,,,
after struggling in midterm,,
i have to focus on the assignments,,,
besides that,,,
i need to remember juz 'amma,,,
because it is part of the CAM for tilawah,,,
one more thing,,,
our group,,
will present about the soft skill in the next leadership class,,,
but i have a problem,,
on the same day when i have leadership class,,,
i also need to attend replacement class for the business ethics,,
the problem arise when some of our leadership group members cannot make the presentation on that day because they have mid test,,,
i have to forget about going to business ethics class,,,
and need to go to leadership class,,,

1) ethics and fiqh for everyday life
Wednesday, 10th February 2010
group assignment

2) tilawah
Wednesday, 10th February
tasmi' hafazan

3) leadership
Friday, 11th February 2010
individual assignment and group presentation

that's all for this time,,,
i'll update again next time,,,
luv u all!!!

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